Quality Focused, Customer Driven

We focus on quality assurance in every aspect to better serve our customers. The Quality Assurance Department is climate controlled and quality inspections are performed within this environment.

Key Equipment

Mitutoyo Optical Comparator

Starrett RGDC 2828-24 CMM

  • Fully motorized PH9 head

Hexagon Global Performance CMM

  • 35” wide x 47” long x 31.5” height (stroke)
  • PCDMIS PRO Level of Software
  • PCDMIS CAD ++ software with autopath
  • Renishaw motorized probe head (PH10-M)
  • Thermal compensation
  • Automatic probe changing system
  • SM25-1 scanning head – module
  • Accuracy of .0024 mm or .000098
Statistical Software
  • DISCUS Compliance Software
  • Minitab® Statistical Software

ISO 9001:2015 & IATF 16949:2016 certified

View certifications here

Ultrasonic Washing/Cleaning

With our MecWash system, we can now meet any type of strict cleanliness standards for our customers. The MecWash can perform a number of unique operations that our prior equipment was incapable of performing, such as rotary agitation of the parts, ultrasonic cleaning and hot air vacuum-dry. In addition, the MecWash has an Aqua-Save System which helps maintain water quality.

Leak Testing

We provide leak testing to ensure our products meet specific leak decay rates. In addition, we are able to test flow analysis – this validates that both cast and machined features have yield required results.