Recent Equipment Addition

OurĀ plant has seen a number of changesĀ this past year with the addition of several new pieces of equipment. This equipment has both improved the overall quality of our products, as well as added additional capacity.

We have recently added the Accu-Cut Hone, which has the inclusion of an internal bore measuring system to ensure 100 percent inspection of every part. The Hone also utilizes a multi-pass system that has improved overall bore geometry resulting in fewer rejects. We have also added an improved washing system to our equipment. Over the years our customers have pushed for stricter cleanliness standards, and now with the recently added MecWash system, we can now meet those standards today and well into the future. The MecWash can perform a number of unique operations that our prior equipment was incapable of performing; such as rotary agitation of the parts, ultrasonic cleaning, and hot air vacuum dry. In addition, it has an Aqua Saver system which helps maintain water quality.

Lastly, we have brought automation to a number of current CTT manufacturing cells. This automation will help with the consistent loading of parts through the included vision system, as well as operator fatigue by reducing the amount of parts needing to be manually loaded into the machines.

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